Formal & Casual Dresses 2017-18 By Tena Durrani

It is the pre-planned collection of formal and casual collection and also for the most respected, special and loving event of Eid. This brand collection of Formal & casual wear dresses is presented by famous Pakistani fashion designers of Tena Durrani. Tena Durrani is a well known and most popular Pakistani designer in not only Pakistani rather than its famous whole the world. It catches the highest position due to the ladies luxury dresses for formal & casual wear.  Tena has been introduced stylish and fabulous Eid wear collection 2017 in Pakistan. Few of the images of Formal & casual dresses collection are posted in below for our special and cute modern peoples. Today we are discussing and sharing about the latest Formal & Casual Dresses 2017-18 By Tena Durrani for girls.

Tena has shared previously arrived collection of Spring Summer Dresses are very beautiful and stylish and perfect for the summer hot days for girls & women’s. The young girls and women’s are easily chosen and select the favourite dress for Eid at home with the help of these pictures of Formal & Casual Dresses 2017-2018 by Tena. You must see these dressing outline images and give good & perfect ideas.

These formal and casual dresses are involving different pieces that can be done similar to these images which we posted here. In the collection of 2017 which is posted here, you can check out many outlooks of the dresses like embroidered sleeves, necklines, borders and beautifully printed front and back side of the dresses. These outfits are everything unstitched involved main cut pieces in the same way you can be designed your choices. The collection of designer dress is designed with the help of many ideas of embellishment of the dresses.

Formal & Casual Dresses 2017-18 By Tena Durrani

These designer outfits are looking beautiful and sexy as a formal & casual. Therefore, these dresses are perfect for Eid dresses having small, medium and long size Kameez and crep dupatta pieces. If any lady wants to look stylish and sexy after that she would sew her outfit similar to this catalogue of 2017. In the same way, they can give a modern look and this dress is sense improved your personality looks similar to model personality.

Formal & Casual Dresses



The fashion designer of Tena Durrani is waiting for getting your answer about the amazing collection of formal & casual dresses of 20107. After introducing the collection of formal & casual dresses collection of 2017 Tena is ready to create latest Bridal Dresses for brides. This fashion brand of Tena presents their talent and ability with the help of the embroidered summer dresses, party dresses, Asian dresses and much more are included. The artist of this brand always uses culture and traditional printing and designing the scheme. You will find this brand beautiful touches of every type of dress like Eid, Wedding, party and other formal & casual dresses wear.

In our Pakistan, Tena Durrani is one of the best and hard working fashion designers in this field of fashion. You can look more stylish dresses for Eid, Wedding, Party and other casual and formal wear dresses easily adopt with the help of this post. The Muslims girls & ladies can look intense personality with the help of the designer dress. Hit the button of Tena Durrani Dresses and get more stylish and beautiful dresses of Tena. Keep in touch and get more info and updates about this brand.



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